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Balancing the ecosystem one acre at a time.


Wetland and Stream Mitigation Banking

The need for stream and wetland restoration and protection in Oklahoma is paramount. To date, approximately one-third of Oklahoma’s historic wetlands remain. Many factors have led to this decline and it is the goal of Green Country Wetland Mitigation to learn from historical examples and use this knowledge to restore Oklahoma’s valuable natural resources one acre at a time.

Green Country Wetland Mitigation endeavors to restore and permanently protect streams and wetland habitat by purchasing easements or fee-simple interest from property owners in order to restore, enhance, and preserve waterways and vegetation to increase the overall ecological function of the land. 

As projects are implemented and success standards are achieved, Green Country generates stream and wetland credits that can be sold to the public to satisfy compensatory mitigation requirements of state and federal agencies. 

We understand that wetland and stream mitigation can be cost-prohibitive or not feasible for many, whether the mitigation is conducted on-site or off-site.  This is where Green Country becomes a cost-effective and ecological sound option, whereby project costs are lowered, permitting time is reduced, and long-term liability of the client is eliminated.

Alternative Mitigation Options

Depending on the location of a particular project, securing mitigation through a mitigation bank may not be an option.  Green Country can customize a turn-key on-site or off-site wetland or stream mitigation project to fit our clients particular project needs. Green Country can locate a suitable site, complete all required permitting, implement prescribed mitigation actions, oversee long-term monitoring and compliance, and eliminate liability for our clients so that they can concentrate on their core business.

If your project is not currently serviced by one our existing mitigation banks, please contact us about how we can customize a mitigation project to suit your needs.